Why do we need Vancouver Dads?

24 May , 2018 Blog,News

Why do we need Vancouver Dads?

Why resources and services for dads are so important in Vancouver

Many years ago, the dynamics of families were quite different than they are today. A typical family prior to the 1970’s usually consisted of a stay at home mom raising the children and a working father who was often not around as much as he would have liked to be.

Over the years the feminist movement and support did great work for women. Encouraging them to enter the workforce, and be supported throughout the process. This also brought a new dynamic to Fatherhood. Fathers could no longer just be the “breadwinners”, it gave men the opportunity to start taking part in their children’s lives and significantly contribute to raising them.

The nature of men is quite different than women, and through our work in mental health it was quickly realized that opening up and making ourselves vulnerable is something men find very difficult. We at Vancouver Dads believe that is exactly why there aren’t more resources for men available throughout the greater Vancouver area.

We quickly discovered that there is a lack of resources available for fathers in Vancouver and the surrounding cities like Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster, etc… so we aimed to change that. Our primary goal is to grow as a meet up group providing completely free, and fun activities for both fathers and their children but also start to build relationships.

Mentorship and Friendships are building, we are creating a new type of relationship for men in the area and are looking forward to building the program out further.

If you are interested in Joining Vancouver Dads or supporting us in any way please do not hesitate to contact us.


Vancouver Dads Infographic on fatherhood

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